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From Rilindo Foster <>
Subject Server Side includes crashes after IRIX update
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 06:36:34 GMT

Sometime ago, we updated IRIX to version 6.5.16m on our web servers. Soon
afterwards, we started that sites using server side includes are not coming
up or hangs. We looked at the error log and found these:

[Thu Jun 20 22:27:14 2002] [notice] child pid 161197 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)
[Thu Jun 20 22:27:20 2002] [notice] child pid 164744 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)
[Thu Jun 20 22:27:20 2002] [notice] child pid 164618 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)
[Thu Jun 20 22:27:20 2002] [notice] child pid 164609 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)

It seems to happen quite a when there is high server load. It is much less
on a machine with very little traffic, but it still happens. Lowering the
number of connections sort of helped a bit, but it is not a option when you
are running a public web server for your customers.

At the time, we were running Apache 1.3.6 (with Front Page and Jserv
included). I wasn't able to find a similar case on the web or in the groups
(or maybe I missed it), so I assumed that we just need to recompile Apache
with the latest source code. So we did, with the following options:


root@sgi39:/usr/people/rilindo/apache_1.3.26# ./configure
--prefix=/usr/local/webserver/httpd/ --enable-module=rewrite
--enable-module=status --enable-module=info --enable-module=autoindex
--enable-module=proxy --enable-module=auth_db --enable-module=digest
--enable-module=expires --enable-module=headers --enable-suexec
--suexec-uidmin=100 --suexec-gidmin=100
Configuring for Apache, Version 1.3.26
 + using installation path layout: Apache (config.layout)
 + on-the-fly added and activated frontpage module
 + activated jserv module (modules/jserv/libjserv.a)
Creating Makefile
Creating Configuration.apaci in src
Creating Makefile in src
You are running 64-bit Irix. For now, we will compile 32-bit
but if you would care to port to 64-bit, send us the patches.
 + configured for SGI IRIX-64 platform
 + setting C compiler to gcc
 + setting C pre-processor to gcc -E
 + checking for system header files
 + adding selected modules
    o rewrite_module uses ConfigStart/End
      enabling DBM support for mod_rewrite
    o db_auth_module uses ConfigStart/End
      using Berkeley-DB/1.x for mod_auth_db (-ldb)
    o jserv_module uses ConfigStart/End
 + using builtin Expat
 + checking sizeof various data types
 + doing sanity check on compiler and options
Creating Makefile in src/support
Creating Makefile in src/regex
Creating Makefile in src/os/unix
Creating Makefile in src/ap
Creating Makefile in src/main
Creating Makefile in src/lib/expat-lite
Creating Makefile in src/modules/standard
Creating Makefile in src/modules/proxy
Creating Makefile in src/modules/extra
Creating Makefile in src/modules/jserv


We used GNU make, BTW. So far, so good. Test web server, looks ok. Test
server side includes. . . still get that error.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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