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From Terry Simons <>
Subject Re: Can't start up apache
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 03:33:11 GMT
Are you using IPv6 Listen directives?

I have had a problem getting 2.0.39 httpd to start up with IPv6 Listen 

If you have them, try commenting them out and see if it starts.

If that is your problem, please let me know, as I sent a lengthy report 
about the problem, but nobody ever answered me, and it would be good to 
know if it's just me, or if something's broken.

I didn't have any errors in my log file or anything... it's like 
something is broken.

Anyone from the apache group on here?  ;)  Suggestions?

I'm left without v6 support until I either get a chance to look at it, 
or whatever the problem is is fixed.

- Terry

On Tuesday, June 25, 2002, at 08:32  PM, Tan Khee Hui wrote:

> Hi All,
> installed apache, but after doing a ./apachectl start.
> Can't mange to find anything after doing a grep |httpd.
> also, using netscape, can't see anything, when I use http://slayer.
> (hostname of machine is slayer)
> Please help.
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