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From "Andrew (CSSWA)" <>
Subject v.2.0.39 fails to install as service in NT
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 12:52:04 GMT

Has anyone tried to install Apache 2.0.39 under NT sp6 and had it 
fail to register as a service?

I can install/uninstall/reinstall 2.0.36 without a problem -- 
correctly registers and starts as a service, but not with 2.0.39. I 
did an install check on both versions and it revealed that 2.0.39 is 
NOT writing the registry keys necessary to install it as a service. 
However, the registry IS being updated properly in the 2.0.36 MSI and 
EXE install packages for Win.

I can only presume that in their rush to release the security fix, 
the developers screwed up the install script for 2.0.39?? If others 
have successfully installed 2.0.39 under NT4 then I'll have to look 
for another answer.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Andrew Ferguson

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