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From Eli White <>
Subject UPDATE Re: mod_dir not working?
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 17:39:44 GMT
Ok, responding to my own post, with more information.

I've found the problem, but not the solution.

The 'problem', is that I kept mod_dir compiled into the server, but left 
mod_autoindex as a DSO ... the idea being that on my development server I 
was wanting directory listings to work, but on the live server, I always 
have them turned off, so why bother even having that part of the server loaded.

Well, it seems that when you load mod_autoindex as a DSO, it takes 
precedence over mod_dir, instead of the 'normal' other way around ... 
Because if I remove the LoadModule command for autoindex, index.html's work 

So, are my only solutions to have either both be DSO, or both be compiled 
in?  Is there no way to tell a LoadModule to happen AFTER the built-ins?


At 01:28 PM 6/19/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>That is to say, I upgraded to .26, I also 'removed' some parts of the web 
>server that I wasn't using anyway (mod_asis, mod_actions, etc.) ...
>And now, on ONE of my servers (not both), it is giving directory listings 
>only, and not paying heed to the DirectoryIndex command and pulling the 
>index pages.  It works on one server, doesn't on this one.
>I checked with httpd -l and mod_dir IS compiled into the server, and I 
>have the appropriate DirectoryIndex commands in my virtual hosts (just 
>like they always were),

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