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From Eli White <>
Subject Re: Re-Installing Apache 1.3.26 over 1.3.24
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 14:53:57 GMT

>Due to the security issue, we are migrating Apache 1.3.24 to Apache 1.3.26
>Is there a way to re-install the server (running also php) in the same 
>place it is
>without stopping the service and without re-installing php???

Without re-installing php, yes ... without stopping the service, no.

However, it needs only be down for a 'blink' ...

Here is the quickest way to do it:

* Download your .26 & do your configure, and make (don't make install)

* Now make a 'bin' directory, and copy src/httpd into it.

* If you do dynamic modules, then make a 'libexec' directory and copy any 
.so files from src/modules/*/*.so into libexec.

* Now turn these two directories into a tarball  (tar cvf update.tar bin/ 

* Now move this tarball into your main apache directory, and CD there.

* Now it is a quick process to update:  Stop the server (a couple of times 
to make sure it is stopped, keep doing it until you get a 'no such ID' 
error), untar the tarball, start the server.  Very quick.

Do make sure via testing that your new compile runs though.  Nothing worse 
than doing this previous step and finding the server won't start because 
the new copy is segfaulting *grin*  Always run it on another identical 
machine, or another port on the same machine, first to make sure it is 'ok'.


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