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From Eli White <>
Subject Re: Any real drawbacks to going dynamic?
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:50:31 GMT
At 09:45 AM 6/18/2002 -0400, Joshua Slive wrote:
>Summary: Yes, on most platforms there is a small performance hit.

Right, I knew about that page, and it's 5% slower claim ...

But my question was a little different, and it's about: "Once you have even 
ONE DSO going, does it matter if they ALL are or not."

So, in my case, I have PHP running as a DSO, because I don't wanna have to 
recompile Apache every time PHP updates.

So since I am 'already' taking the performance hit from having mod_so 
active, is there any reason to not have all modules be Dynamic?  (Right now 
all are statically compiled in, except for PHP)


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