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From Eli White <>
Subject Two Apache's on same machine for performance?
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:46:38 GMT
Ok, I'm trying to get a server (1.3.x) as 'tweaked' as possible, and I'm 
looking at a certain situation ...

Right now, I've got this one server running about a dozen websites, all as 
virtual hosts (with their own IPs).

The problem, when trying to 'tweak' the performance, is that some (1 or 2) 
of these, require a major module load, a full set of standard apache 
modules, plus PHP, which makes for a large process overhead.  The other 
servers, don't need all that.

I've therefore considered running two copies of Apache on the same machine, 
one decked out to handle the fancy websites, and one 'simplified' to handle 
the simple websites, and save RAM resources.

Am I shooting myself in the foot when doing this?  Is there that much 
overhead to a complete separate run of apache, that it won't make up for 
having PHP pulled out of that other 10 websites?  etc ...


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