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From Adon Cook <>
Subject Re: virtualHost apache 2.0.35 FIX!
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 15:53:44 GMT
Just to wrap things up:

The reason my httpd deamon would 'restart' or 'graceful' but then die 
immediateatly after trying to serve up a page was because i made a 
booboo.  I had made a different log directory for the subdomain that i was 
creating.  For some reason i thought apache would take care of making any 
directories that it didn't find for log files -- but i was wrong.  I had to 
make the directory so that apache could create the log files.

Secondly for every newbie's information:
Since i just wanted a small temporary subdomain and did not want to bother 
having to contact the person in charge of the DNS, i have forced users of 
this subdomain to add an entry into their HOSTS file so that their machines 
can resolve where to find the subdomain.  Likewise i had to add an entry 
into the apache machine's HOSTS file as well.

Thanks for everyone's help.  =)


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