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From "Andrew Kenna" <>
Subject RE: Any ideas?
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 00:17:56 GMT
This behaviour is quite normal, I have setup a secure web site under Linux using cgi only and
it still asks me for a username/password when I click on a url to bring up a word document.
The only authentication I use on my secure site is .htpasswd file which is the same as what
fp extensions for Linux use

It is an internet explorer behaviour, and probly one that will not change



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From: Staven Bruce []
Sent: Thursday, 20 June 2002 10:03 AM
To: ''
Subject: Any ideas?

I've installed the FrontPage 2002 extensions onto a RedHat 7.2 server
running Apache 1.3.23. I can access and use the HTML admin forms and once a
webfolder is created on my Windows 2000 client, I can connect via FrontPage,
supply my user name and password, and edit the site as I normally would.

But, when I am browsing or surfing the web site, I am prompted for a user
name and password if I try to access certain resources, i.e. Word Documents,
Excel Sheets, etc. The prompt seems to be the one coming from the server

What complicates this further, is that if I delete the webfolder I created
in "My Network Places", then I can browse the site and access all the
resources without any problems. I am a bit confused on this one and I can't
find anyone having the same problem. I am wondering if the FrontPage
extensions are caching credentials somewhere? Is it something else? Any
ideas would be helpful.

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