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From Staven Bruce <>
Subject Any ideas?
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 00:03:17 GMT
I've installed the FrontPage 2002 extensions onto a RedHat 7.2 server
running Apache 1.3.23. I can access and use the HTML admin forms and once a
webfolder is created on my Windows 2000 client, I can connect via FrontPage,
supply my user name and password, and edit the site as I normally would.

But, when I am browsing or surfing the web site, I am prompted for a user
name and password if I try to access certain resources, i.e. Word Documents,
Excel Sheets, etc. The prompt seems to be the one coming from the server

What complicates this further, is that if I delete the webfolder I created
in "My Network Places", then I can browse the site and access all the
resources without any problems. I am a bit confused on this one and I can't
find anyone having the same problem. I am wondering if the FrontPage
extensions are caching credentials somewhere? Is it something else? Any
ideas would be helpful.

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