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From <>
Subject Re: VirtualHost --- Thanks
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:19:34 GMT
Both ideas will work for me. Thank you for the quick reply<G> As I said I
test allot and since the sites are not production but pre-production I just
need to be able to have around 10 or so virtual sites with CGI/DLL
capabilities. Most get removed in a week to a month once the DLL or CGI is

Many thanks


> Yes, there's nothing sacred about the spelling of a directory name.
> The directory needs to be executable, . . .and there are some security
> considerations that I'll not go into at this writing, but briefly, I
> usually create a directory hierarchy on a device or partition away from
> the system files, etc., such as /www/vhosts/ and set this as the
> DocumentRoot of the ( virtual in the VirtualHost container in
> the httpd.conf file.  Then other subdirectories such as
> /www/vhosts/ and /www/vhosts/ can be
> created.  I locate the index.htm (or index.html, . . .however you've
> configured your system to acknowledge spellings, etc.) in the
> directory; then all other html's are located in or below the htdocs
> directory.
> Any directory that falls below the DocumentRoot can (be configured to)
> contain executable scripts; note that you can use a symbolic link to
> another directory, perhaps a global or common repository for a script
> that may be useful for all virtual hosts (see the option,
> FollowSymLinks).  You'll need a general purpose Directory container
> (traditionally found in the access.conf file, but I include in the
> httpd.conf file) that includes the Options directive that will enable
> the ExecCGI option for the directory path, for example:
>  <Directory "/www/vhosts/*/htdocs">
>      Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI
>      AllowOverride All
>      Order allow,deny
>      Allow from all
>  </Directory>
> Notice the asterisk in the path to the htdocs -- this covers all
> virtual hosts so configured with regard to the path structure.
> Finally, remember, this is just one solution -- I just noticed that
> Keith H. suggested using the script aliase technique.  That may be
> quicker for you, but the method that I've described works well for the
> security structure that I'm building.
> Good Luck,
> Ron W.
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>  Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 11:15 AM
>  Subject: VirtualHost
>  Using VirtualHost can you also set up another CGI-BIN inside of it? I
>  do alot of testing and most of the installs already have a BIN
>  directory with thier DLL or CGI in them.
>  Sample
>  <VirtualHost>
>  ServerName
>  ServerAlias
>  DocumentRoot d:/
>  DirectoryIndex index.cfm index.htm index.html
>  </VirtualHost>
>  Thanks
>  Mike
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