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From Pietro Cagnoni <>
Subject Re: Backup Webserver
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:47:09 GMT
Kent Stanford wrote:
> I am running a Apache webserver and would like to run a second in the 
> event that
> the primary goes down. My DNS is hosted by my provider and I was 
> thinking of having
> to DNS entries for the same domain.
> Example
> <> First Webserver
> <> Second Webserver
> so when the main webserver goes down, would it default to the second one?
> If this is not the way to do this I would appreciate some feedback from 
> anyone that
> has ideas on this.
> Thanks.
> Kent

the standard way to handle these things is to tie a third ip addres
to the active server nic.

for instance, if you have your web servers on and, you can configure a virtual address
on the nic of your active server. when it goes down, you turn
on the same virtual address on your backup server.

the dns entry of your server should of course point to the virual
address, in the example.

details on adding virtual addresses depend on the os.

hope it helps.


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