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From k0te <>
Subject autoindex not displaying folders which Require user
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:00:08 GMT
In apache 1.3.24 I had an autoindexed folder containing other private 
folders, each with a basic auth .htaccess file in it.  In 2.0.36/9 
autoindex is not showing any of these protected folders, or any other 
folder which I put a Require user line in.  I checked the permissions on 
the folders, changed all the .htaccess to <directory> settings in my 
httpd.conf, changed almost every access and options setting, and 
searched through the manual looking for a directive that might cause 
this a few times.  The folders work fine when their url is typed in 
manually, they just arent being autoindexed, could it just be a 
'feature' of apache2?  I have put a copy of my httpd.conf at and there is an info page at  The folder which isnt indexing is and an example folder which is there is

If anyone has had any experience with this or any ideas at all I would 
appreciate a response.


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