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From Robert La Ferla <>
Subject HELP - 2.0.36 ssl_engine_log full of "Spurious SSL handshake" error messages
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 19:44:56 GMT
I am seeing tons of these messages in the ssl_engine_log file:

[10/Jun/2002 15:32:41 07148] [info]  Spurious SSL handshake interrupt 
[Hint: Usually just one of those OpenSSL confusions!?]
[10/Jun/2002 15:33:20 06046] [info]  Connection to child 1 established 
(server, client
[10/Jun/2002 15:33:20 06046] [info]  Seeding PRNG with 136 bytes of entropy

Also, I am seeing this:

[10/Jun/2002 15:33:20 06046] [error] SSL handshake interrupted by system 
[Hint: Stop button pressed in browser?!] (System error follows)
[10/Jun/2002 15:33:20 06046] [error] System: Resource temporarily 
unavailable (errno: 11)

What is the problem?  How do I fix it?


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