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From Andy Cutright <>
Subject Re: Undefined symbols when compiling Apache 2.0.36 on Solaris 2.7
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 21:01:18 GMT
yeah, --enable-http results in the same problem. omitting that switch lets
me compile, but i end up with link error described in another email in this
thread, though the server runs OK as far as i can tell.

here's my configure line which fails to compile (lose the '--enable-http'
and it compiles):

./configure --prefix <my_root> --enable-module=most
--enable-mods-shared=most --with-port=7080 --with-mpm=worker --enable-ssl
--with-ssl=<ssl_install_root> --enable-http

i'm poring over the documentation looking for appropriate switch
combinations, etc. i'm also trying to figure out what is missing due to the
link error, and from there will figure out some test cases to push against
the server.

any help is appreciated.


Ryan Bloom wrote:

> If you --disable-http, then you are telling Apache not to compile HTTP
> support.  That option is currently unsupported, but because of how the
> autoconf magic is written, it is an allowed option.  In fact, the http
> module MUST be compiled statically, or you will have the same problem.
> Just re-run configure with --enable-http
> Ryan

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