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From Pietro Cagnoni <>
Subject Re: When do processes need to be killed?
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 17:02:32 GMT
it's a little offtopic...

VanderHart, Robert wrote:
> I'm a relative newbie on Apache.  We're running Linux 7/Apache 1.3.12.
> Lately I've noticed there's a process (see below) called CANamingAdapter
> that seems to keep running up CPU time.  The process itself is a ColdFusion
> server process that controls the data store for application management
> features.

if you use ColdFusion, maybe you need it running!

  > I've killed the process using kill -9, but it immediately comes 
back under a
> different PID and then keeps running up time.  It's not taking up much %CPU
> or %MEM, so I'm not certain how to interpret the high number under TIME.

the TIME column is the cpu time the process used since it started.
from what i see in your top output, it's a very little load: keep
it active (ie don't kill it) if it doesn't cause you problems.

since it looks like you're new to unix in general (my apologies if
you're not) remember that kill -9 doesn't allow the killed process
to terminate properly, so use it just if you absolutely need it.

hope it helps.


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