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From Bernard Higonnet <>
Subject Re: Difficulty with content negotiation Apache2
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 20:10:47 GMT
Joshua Slive wrote:

> To the best of my knowledge, that documentation is correct.  The setting
> of MultiViewsMatch should only matter if you have not properly associated
> one of the file extenstions.  In other words, you need to have
> AddLanguage en en
> AddLanguage fr fr
> AddType text/html html (or similar entry in mime.types)
> MultiViewsMatch only comes into play if you try to negotiate based on an
> extension that is not mapped to anything.  If that is not what you are
> seeing, please present us with the simplest possible case that shows the
> problem; use LIVE URLs so that we can check ourselves.

Well, you are of course quite right, and I apologize for the trouble caused and misinformation
to this list. I took out MultiViewsMatch and added the appropriate AddType (present in the
server that worked OK) and it works fine.

Perhaps this shows there are many ways to skin a cat and that if Apache is a robust server
there's a 

Thanks again,
BT Higonnet

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