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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: vhost (directory) module support
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 16:47:36 GMT

> I have configured and compiled apache (1.3.12) for my linux (2.0.36)
> installation.
> When I run phpinfo() in a web page I get a screen showing my (http) server
> configuration - which tells me that "Virtual Directory Support" is
> `disabled`. In my search, I've come across mod_vhost_alias[.c] and
> http_vhost.h, but I can't find where to download mod_vhost_alias, and even
> if I did I don't know how to `include` it in my configuration.
> Can someone show me an example of how to configure/compile apache with
> Virtual Directory Support - and where to get mod_vhost_alias or http_vhost.h
> (if I need them)?

phpinfo(), like it names says, gives you information on PHP configuration
Virtual directory support i think is related to PHP support for Internet
Information Server and has nothing to do with Apache

You should also upgrade, 1.3.12 is an old version and vulnerable to the
latest security hole


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