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From Rob Dulce <>
Subject Upgrading apache
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 03:56:03 GMT
Hi everyone,

I need to upgrade apache. I've never installed/upgraded apache before.
I read some docs, but I still have a few questions.

First, I will not be using a binary distribution. I will be building
from source. I know that apache will preserve config files, etc. What
I'm worried about is modules. I want to make sure that the same
modules are compiled into the upgrade. I know I should look at
config.status to see how apache was configured before. But the command
shown in there doesn't seem to correspond with the results of httpd
-l. When I do httpd -l, I notice that mod_so.c and several other
modules have been compiled into apache. I assume that means that it is
not a fully dynamic apache server, which would only list mod_so.c and
http_core.c. What would be the simplest thing for me to do? Should I
build apache as a fully dynamic server and then comment out the
modules that I don't need in the configuration file? If so, would the
following procedure be correct?:

./configure --enable-module=all --enable-shared=max

Then I would swap the old, preserved httpd.conf with the new one.
Comment out any modules I don't need and put them in the proper order.
Then restart the server. Right? But would httpd be overwritten with
the new httpd file? Or is it preserved like the configuration files? I
experimented with building apache over an existing install, but I
wasn't sure that I was looking at the new httpd file. Thanks for the

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