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From Csaba Gabor <>
Subject Minor installation notes of PHP 4.2.1 with 2.0.39 on Win2K
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 22:41:28 GMT
I stopped Apache 2.0.36, then I uninstalled Apache 2.0.36 (after saving httpd.conf to a
different directory) because 2.0.39 wouldn't install over it.  Then I installed Apache 2.0.39.

I am exceptionally pleased to note that Apache no longer requires itself to be installed into
Apache2 directory as it did before.  At this point Apache claimed it was running, but being
trusting type I didn't check.  Instead, I saved out the fresh httpd.conf file and replaced
with my old one.  Apache choked, even after I swapped them back.  Bummer.  Not sure what was
happening (and I probably did a lot of extra work as a result), but after rebooting my Win
system and using the time honored file compare (fc) and line by line replacement, I got the
copy working EXCEPT that I uncommented the
LoadModule php4_module ... line

My most recent PHP was 4.2.0 so I went to the bug reporting site of php (it was not random
- I
read that this was where to go), and in a prominent announcement, they proclaim that I could
a version of PHP that would work with Apache 2.0.39 there.  I downloaded the approximately
file and (remembering to make a backup copy of php.ini since it's a good habit) I unpacked
with Winzip over my previously installed version.  I copied php4ts.dll into c:\winnt\system32
and then I did a search on Google for: csaba apache php.  What a great filing system.  Up
my prior instructions for doing installing PHP 4 with Apache 2.  There was one variation to
noted, which is that apache2filter.dll has been replaced by php4apache2.dll in the sapi


--- wrote:
> Hey, how did you install PHP 4.2.1 on Apache 2.0.39???  
> I can't seem to get it to work, but I can easily 
> install it on Apache 2.0.36.  Was there a major update 
> between Apache 2.0.36 and 2.0.39???
> > Here I am with Apache 2, PHP 4.2, Windows 2K, and a problem.  I have a site with

> > main page
... much grief

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