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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: Apache SSL question
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 09:02:28 GMT
>From: Frank Reichenbacher []
>The statements "you can't do NBVH with SSL" and SSL will not work on
>namebased virtual hosts. They must be IP based." are 
>incorrect. Actually,
>the way you phrased it, in the plural, is more or less 
>correct, but I'm not
>sure that many users would have picked up on that nuance. You 
>can do NBVH
>with SSL.

We're getting into semantics here! You are right and we are right - but we're answering different

Of course, as you rightly say, you can have as many plain HTTP NBVHs as you like on one port
and exactly one SSL VH on another port.

But - strictly speaking - the SSL VH is NOT a NBVH because it is selected by IP/port and not
by the Host header. Thus the statement "you can't do NBVH with SSL" is indeed correct.

Semantics aside, getting back to the original question from the poster, he clearly wanted
to run two distinct SSL sites on the same IP and port, using the NameVirtualHost mechanism
to discriminate between them. This will not work...

Check out the mod_ssl list for an exhaustive discussion on this subject (it comes up about
3 times a week on that list :-)


Owen Boyle

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