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From Ian Stuart <>
Subject multiple services, config.layout and httpd 2.0.x
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 13:08:43 GMT
Afternoon folks...

I'm in the process of upgrading the httpd servers on my system from
1.3.x to 2.0.x

The basic install has gone fine, and I have my system back up, complete
with my virtual servers.

I have been building my 1.3.x (and now 2.0.x) servers using the
config.layout file system.

When I was using the 1.3, I discovered (from somewhere obscure, but it's
also in a comment within the configure script) that I could use a
trailing '+' to refer to the server name, ie:

<Layout foo>
    localstatedir: $prefix/var+
    logfiledir:    $localstatedir/log

This gave me a directory structure of:
<prefix>/var/<server-name>/log/{log files}

(ie, build with APACI args: --target=bar --with-layout=foo)

In my 2.0 version, the presentation in the file is slightly different,
an I have:
<Layout foo>
    localstatedir: ${prefix}/var+
    logfiledir:    ${localstatedir}/log

I built using the config.layout file and '--with-layout=foo
--with-program-name=bar' system.

and got a directory layout of:
<prefix>/var/run/apache2/log/{log files}

This confuses me, and I don't want to start building any other variant
servers without understanding
a) Why there is no directory structure to match the one I though I asked
b) What is the equivelant of '--target' under 2.0? (my ./configure
crashed if I try to use it :)

So, in short, how do I replicate the use of --target and a trailing '+'
from the 1.3.x series?

Thanks in advance...

Ian Stuart: Edinburgh University Data Library.

Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
              -- Mary.

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