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From Lee Fellows <>
Subject (OT) Re: SSL module (was New windows user)
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 15:07:22 GMT
Hi Dmitry,

  Not sure of all that building ssl support on Windows entails, but
mod_ssl normally depends upon openssl.  OpenSSL depends upon some source
of random data to generate keys.  I am not positive of this, but I
suspect that such a source does not natively exist in the Windows
environment, hence supporting SSL on windows requires unique building
  As to resembling the mod_so situation, no.  Mod_so needs to be
compiled statically into apache to support DSO (dynamically loading
modules) because mod_so implements the LoadModule functionality.

On Wed, 2002-06-19 at 07:31, Dmitry Medvedev wrote:
> Oh yah... This is really curious as far as Apache modular structure support is concerned.
This one (mod_ssl) seems to play its own game. In order to bind it to the server you should
recompile the server with the module. There exists a site ( where you can get a
precompiled Apache with ssl support.
> Of course it is not so convenient as with the rest of modules.
> I suspect that in order to add support of the ssl to the server its insides (the server's
I mean) should undergo some certain changes. This resembles the situation with the mod_so,
the one which must be compiled in and cannot be loaded at run time via the LoadModule directive.
> I never heard of the Apache guys going to include ssl support, still they meight will
of course...
> with respect,
>                     Dmitry

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