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From Lee Fellows <>
Subject Re: Writing customlog messages to access.log
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:28:21 GMT
Apache's logs are not 'available' to client use.  There is no mechanism
for logging to Apache's logs.  If you need to log information, you need
to create and write that log. (For an applet, this may be a very large

Applets are supposed to be self-contained.  Any classes your applet
needs should be included in the applet jar, or, with the other classes
making up your application, in the DocumentRoot directory path your
applet is accessed from.  Applets cannot reference the classpath of
your server over the network.  

It looks like you need to study up on Applets: how to write them and
what their capabilities are.  This information is available from
numerous  web sites and books.  Sun's java site is excellent.


On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 07:50, wrote:Greetings
everybody, I have developed an applet which interacts with my system
hardware to record the user's voice .i.e the applet detects a microphone
or a mike, through which the user speaks and record his voice, also
detection of the sound card and the accompanying drivers is performed. I
have Apache 1.3.19 installed on WIndows 2000 (the servername is
localhost and the Port no is 8000). I have set Apache\htdocs as the
document root. The html page which calls the applet AND the applet class
files itself have been stored in Apache\htdocs\snodx. Whenever I invoke
the applet via http://localhost:8000/snodx/then immediately I get to see
the line: "GET /snodx/.htm HTTP/1.1 200 999" in the access.log When I
click the button which actually starts the recording,I see a number of
lines appearing in the access.log, indicating some system resources were
requested from Apache. One line which is getting repeated is: "GET
/snodx/META-INF/services/javax.sound.sampled.spi.MixerProvider HTTP/1.1
404 336" This is surprising as the path of JRE 1.3.1 (the path of the
JRE jar files and its dlls that is) has been included in the Windows
system classpath. So javax.sound.sampled.spi.MixerProvider (which is
part of the JRE 1.3 API) must be searched for in the jar files which are
set in the classpath NOT in the snodx folder itself. When I check the
error logs I am getting: "File does not exist:
c:/apache/htdocs/snodx/meta-inf/services/javax.sound.sampled.spi.MixerProvider" as many times
the "GET /snodx/META-INF/...."line is getting repeated in the access.log I want to find out
at which stage of the applet's functioning the applet is requesting /snodx/meta-inf/services/javax.sound.sampled.spi.MixerProvider.
For this purpose I need to include some statements within the applet's coding which write
custom log messages to the access.loglog file, so that I will get to know after execution
of which applet statement, the MixerProvider class is requested for. What statement should
I include within my applet coding to write custom log messages to access.log? Which classes
of Apache should I instantiate? Thanks in advance. Awaiting a reply SNODX ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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