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From "Alex Togstad" <>
Subject Re: open-source ASP module
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 01:34:22 GMT
Well . . .

I'm using a developers version of ChiliSoft ASP. No time limit like the normal one. . . :-)

Basically you will download it and then "they" will send you a file that you will place in
your C:\WINNT\System32\ChiliSoft.... dir. . .  This is a license I belive that is an ever-lasting
license so you can "develope" ASP apps.

Get it here:

To answer your question as to if there is a decent open-source ASP module that can be added
to Apache, the truth is I don't know what else is out there besides ChiliASP. :( I have not
done my research to know what else can be used. All I know is that so far ChiliASP runs great
for me, and so  I will contine you rely and use it.

Sorry I can't help more ;-/

Alex Togstad
Web Developer

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  From: Jim Roland 
  To: ; Alex Togstad 
  Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2002 5:48 PM
  Subject: Re: href problem

  I have a quick questions for you since you brought it up.  Is there a decent open-source
ASP module that can be added to Apache?  Chilisoft is so expensive and from what I've heard,
notoriously unreliable.

  Jim Roland, RHCE

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