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From "Alex Togstad" <>
Subject Re: [No Subject]
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 07:55:05 GMT
Well thought out reply. . ..pfft...

They way you asked all of your questions sounded like you were a complete
moron . . . So to help out a moron you must go back to the basic's. . .

I'm not saying that I know everything about Apache cause I do not, but most
of your questions CAN be answered if you went back thru past "threads" and
did a little research ..

That is why I told you read the docs. . .  Most of your questions could be
answered if you had common sense. . .

Lets see here..

First, why the fuk were you on Win9x hosting Apache? That from the start is
REALLY dumb. . . But I guess you did not know that. . Ohh well....

First question:

You need to tell where you doc root is in the httpd.conf file . . So in your
httpd.conf look for


And so you might set it as:
DocumentRoot "C:/www/htdocs"

Second Question...

Like I told you before you need to forward port 80 in your router settings
to the box that Apache is installed on . .

Say if Apache was installed on then you need to forward port 80

That better?

Alex Togstad
Web Developer

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From: "Mitchell HARRIS" <>
To: "Alex Togstad" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2002 12:08 AM
Subject: [No Subject]

> Alex Togstad
> I have read the Docs and could not find the answer
> which is the reason why I post the question.  Your sound as if you have
> answer to this particular questions.  I'm glad you know this particular
> answer.
> The docs are pretty large so if you can narrow my search and direct me to
> certain area where maybe I miss the answer I will be glad to read it
> I don't know who you are but I'm sure someone has helped you with
> something(maybe this same problem or another one). Some one will surely
> your again in the future because your certainly don't know everything.
> If you need a certain kind of self assurance about yourself in reference
> how smart your are where you ATTEMP to make others feel small, to make
> feel large you need to know something. What you really do is show me and
> others just how much you DON'T know and how small your are. I'm sure your
> no dummy but your are no genious either. No one knows everything.
> You have learned a little something and now you are pompouse.  I feel
> for your.

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