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From "Robert Andersson" <>
Subject Re: Mod_php for Win2kPro on Apache 2.0.35
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 05:22:56 GMT
I'm not very experienced here, but i'll try to help you through your
problems, as I caused them ;-)

Daniel Gaddy wrote,

> I got this PHP zip package, and extracted all files to c:\php_4.2.1  Then
> copied php4ts.dll and php.ini to the c:\winnt\system32\ folder.  Then I
> edited the php.ini file so that paths were correct... I then in the
> httpd.conf file for apache, inserted the three lines you said to insert,
> which were:
> > LoadModule php4_module "G:/usr/local/php4/sapi/php4apache2.dll"
> > AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml
> > AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps
> I added the two ADDTYPE entries under the one AddType application
> that comes in httpd.conf by default.  I assume this is where I should have
> put them rather than beneath the actual LoadModule statement, as other
> LoadModule statements were below.  And I then saved and restarted the web
> server, and it would not start... The error message was: The requested
> operation has failed.  My logs offered no help at all...

How did you restart the server, and where did this error message pop up, and
do you run Apache as a service?
Perhaps you said so in an earlier letter, but which os/version are you doing
this on?
And, does it start and work if you only uncomment the LoadModule-directive?
There are both a "php4apache.dll" and a "php4apache2.dll". You are sure
you're using the latter?
You must also use forward slashes / in all path names in httpd.conf.

> So something is
> wrong... Are you sure I am suppose to use the quotes around the drive and
> path for the module, and are you sure the .dll will work rather than the
> .so, which apache mainly uses for modules...

Pretty sure; it works for me, and you're encouraged to do so in the manual.
For the .dll, modules can be either compiled in, loadable modules (.so) or
dlls. The PHP extension is in form of a dll.

> I appologize if I have
> forgotten to do something, but in following your steps, I was unable to
> it to work properly...
> I would appreciate whatever help you could offer

We shall try to sort this out. If it don't magically start to function, do
send/attache your httpd.conf and php.ini (you can cut out irrelevant stuff
if you want) and will look at them to see if I have missed to point out
something obvious. The problem here is that I really don't know what one
needs to do to get this working. I was lucky, reading some posts in this
forum about Win32+Apache2+PHP4 and the install notes, and it just worked the
first time, but hopefully we reach that point for you too :-)

Robert Andersson

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