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From "Lewis Watson" <>
Subject Re: Backup Webserver
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 15:08:12 GMT
Another crude way:

1. I have a file called httpd_chunk ( no relation to the exploit ) and it
has all virtual host configs in it. I reference this file in the httpd.conf
file as:
 ResourceConfig /path/to/httpd_chunk
2. Then also I have another file that I make chmod 755, making it
executable, and it has all the ifconfig statements and route statements for
all virtualhost configs.
3. I use amanda to backup all of /home/www.

 If the primary www server goes down I already have a backup machine sitting
there with apache installed.
1. Drop in the ip_address script file and fire it --> this adds ip addresses
2. Run amrestore --> Puts the web content into the backup machine.
3. Drop in httpd_chunk and do a graceful restart --> adds virtual hosts and
there you go, websites running.

Another thing is you may need to consider is adding a user to both primary
and backup machines rather then just the primary as new users are added.

Crude but effective.
Lewis Watson

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