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From "KoAps" <>
Subject Virtual Host Help
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 23:28:47 GMT
Hello All,

I need a little hand with a issue I'm having.
I've used Apache a lot and thought I had it down well enough
but for some reason I can not get Virtual Name Hosts to work
on my Redhat 7.3 Box. Keep in mind this is a hacked server as
in I removed the OS from my Cobalt Qube and installed Redhat
with a Custom Kernel Made by Tim at Sun.

It seems work well, but I have to be sure to restrict things to i386 only.
No i686 stuff.

So I reinstalled Apache, apache-1.3.23-14.i386.rpm

tried everything I can think of to get Virtual Hosts working

all sorts of combinations of * or my IP, Bindaddress, Listen,
as it sits now I have
BindAddress set to my IP
Port 80
NameVirtualHost set to my IP
<VirtualHost MyIP>

no matter what it still goes to my servers default DocumentRoot.
and yes I restarted the service after every change and test.

No luck...

Any Ideas anybody?


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