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From "Ron Wingfield" <>
Subject Re: frontpage support... help please....
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 18:58:57 GMT
Hello Rick, and the group:

I'm of the same opinion regarding the usefulness of front page; I've been a coding programmer
for twenty-three years, and I don't consider html to be a programming language (. . .but that's
for another argument).  Actually, I'm not aware of any special Apache requirement to serve
pages generated by ANY html editor.  I've just assumed that Apache doesn't care where the
html comes from; infact, Apache will serve garbage from a file -- it's the browser that has
to be accomodated.  If for example, you save a word-processing document from MS-Word or Corel
WordPerfect, in html format, there is no requirement that Apache know the source editor type.
 Same goes for NotePad, WordPad, or the unix vi editor, ad nauseam.  I've actually only used
FrontPage Express; have I missed something here?  If so, then I'd really like to know, too.

Ron W.
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  From: Rick Kukiela 
  To: apache-users 
  Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 12:51 PM
  Subject: frontpage support... help please....


  Im running apache 1.3.26 on freebsd 4.6. I know nothing about frontpage
  because personally i think its for wussies, i code all my stuff by hand in
  vim on a terminal, hardcore baby... but still the company i work for needs
  to offer frontpage support to our customers and I dont even know where to
  begin setting up the frontpage module... do i need to install something
  provided by microsoft first or is the frontpage_mod.c the only thing i
  need????? anyway if anyone knows a good tutorial on how to set this up and
  where i can find the frontpage module that works with 1.3.26 it would be
  greatly appreciated.


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