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From "Octavian Rasnita" <>
Subject A bug in Apache 2.0.39?
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 12:33:05 GMT
Hi all,

I think I found a problem in Apache 2.0.39. I hope I am wrong.

I wanted to check if a page on localhost exists using the Perl module

The script keeps "Page opening..." for a long time.
After that time, it tells me that the page  can't be found.

I thought it is something wrong with my script.
Then I've remembered that it worked under Apache 2.0.36.

Now I have tried it with Apache 1.33 and it works, with no problems.

With Apache 2.0.39 it doesn't want to work.

Please tell me what is wrong.
... if you know.

Here is the perl script I use to test my front page on localhost:
Note: I use Windows 2k.

#!/perl/bin/perl -W

use LWP::Simple;
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
my $path = "http://localhost/";

if (head($path)) {
print "The page is there";
else {
print "The page cannot be found";


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