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From "Rob Fulton" <>
Subject The old suExec/vhost/shared scripts problem
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 18:53:59 GMT

I was wondering what people running production versions of apache do to get
round the suexec/vhost/shared script problems? My web server runs a large
number of vhost's each one running under it's own username. I want to
provide each vhost with a shared set of scripts, to save them having to
duplicate installs and to allow me to control the security on some of the
more vulnerable scripts such as formmail. I am not interested in actually
modifying the source code of the apache server, I prefer a solution that
allows me to upgrade apache with out a lot of trouble.

One idea I did have was to provide the scripts on an a seperate vhost/server
and use mod_rewrite to rewrite any requests for the scripts to call the
script on the seperate vhost, this would save me having to edit all of my
customers work and re-educating them on how to use the scripts,
unfortuantely I have only managed to have a quick play around with
mod_rewrite and it would not catch POST requests, only get requests.

I would be most grateful for any help available


Rob Fulton

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