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From "Jim Roland" <>
Subject USR1 & HUP problem
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2002 08:36:02 GMT
I just recently compiled (and patched for the chunk problem recently) 1.3.22
and suddenly find myself having problems with my log rotation process.

I have logs being rotated with a "killall -USR1 httpd" after the rotation is
done.  This worked fine until I went from 1.3.20 to 1.3.22.  Now the httpd
server does not do a graceful restart, but it "sleeps".  All httpd processes
show running, netstat shows they have sockets running, but it does not
respond to requests or it refuses connection on port 80 as if httpd is not
running at all.  This "sleeping" occurs with sending a -HUP, -USR1, and even
with a "apachectl restart" or "apachectl graceful".

The only way to get Apache to start serving requests again is a full-on
"apachectl stop ; apachectl start".

Anyone have any ideas?  There are no errors in the error log that prove
useful.  System is running RedHat 7.2 with latest patches.  This start
occuring when installed the apache 1.3.22 vulnerability RPM, which prompted
me to roll my own.  Same problem occurs in my own as well.

Jim Roland, RHCE

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