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From "Robert Andersson" <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0.35 with Win2kPro - PHP module issue - Please help ASAP!!!
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 16:13:20 GMT
I just got this message before I left work, and forwarded it home. So, I
haven't been able to see if, and what, other people has responded.

After reading your message, it's clear that you're in trouble :-(
The absolutely only thing I can spot, is that an AddHandler has sneaken back
in your httpd.conf, and shouldn't be there.
>From the logs, its nothing new. We could hope that someone, who knows the
inner workings of Apache/PHP, knows what can generate the error message:
"PHP Fatal error: Unable to open c:/webserver/webs/test.php in Unknown on
line 0",
and why. I must say it looks a bit strange, and should be able to give us a
hint of what is going bad, if we knew what caused it.

One thing I suggest you do, if you have the possibility to, is to find a
free WinNT-machine and install a fresh copy of Apache 2.0.36, get it working
and then install PHP 4.2.1 by following the instructions in my earlier
letters. Of course, you can do it on the same maching, but that could be
This could be helpful as your installation seems a bit "torn", and there
might be some bugs hiding unseen in the configs or extra modules. The point
would be, that if you get a copy working you easily can compare the to and
try to spot where they differ, and try to make the old one working. It could
also be so simple to install the newest Apache 2.0.36 (rather that 2.0.35
that you have, right?), as the php4apache2.dll is experimental it might not
support your version. Thats all I can suggest.

Robert Andersson
(please send a cc to if you reply)

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