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From "Robert Andersson" <>
Subject Re: Mod_php for Win2kPro on Apache 2.0.35
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 17:33:08 GMT

I think the php.ini file should be located in C:\WinNT for you, at least its
the only place I have it.

In the access log you can read:

profundis-01 - - [07/Jun/2002:09:17:22 -0600] "GET /test.php HTTP/1.1" 200 0

I noted this before, it returns a zero length document. There is a matching
line in the error log:

[Fri Jun 07 09:17:23 2002] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:
Unable to open c:/webserver/webs/test.php in Unknown on line 0

I think this came from the "doc_root = c:/webserver/webs/" in php.ini. But,
since you removed that your server "hangs" on the request, and nothing is
shown in either log file (IE has been waiting for a response the last ten
minutes, it doesn't even time-out!).

Could be something, you have quoted the extension_dir setting in php.ini.
Can't imaging why this would cause any trouble, but you never know.

I think the problem now lies within PHP rather that Apache. Do try to enable
logging in php.ini, fire up Apache and check the log file. Go request you
/test.php and check again, and share what you find.

Robert Andersson
( <-- for the weekend)

Daniel Gaddy wrote:

> OK... I have two people assisting me, Robert and Joshua...  I have done
> everything that Robert said, which includes his original changes to my
> httpd.conf file and the last two changes to the php.ini file... As for
> Joshua, as it showed in my config file, I have the PHP through CGI method
> commented out, except for CGI itself so that I can run cgi scripts... I am
> only trying to use the module way... But again, when using the module way,
> which everyone and every forum/webpage has told me is the better way to
> PHP, I cant actually open up the php file... You can try it yourself if
> would like to...  This WOULD run before, but as
> module, its not...  Included below are the CURRENT httpd.conf file, and
> CURRENT php.ini file... I will make NO changes until I hear from one of
> or another board member... Also included below that are the access and
> apache log files... I will just include today of the log due to their
> lenths...  Thank you both and anyone who will help, as this is becoming a
> time issue with my boss needing to use php with mysql... Of course I could
> always throw it back on as it was not running as a module, but I know we
> get this working... One other note, I have php.ini under c:\PHP_4.2.1,
> c:\winnt, and c:\winnt\system32 due to not fully knowing where it should
> reside... Where does it need to be exactly... Thanks again...

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