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From "Dmitry Medvedev" <>
Subject Re: smart management of multiple README and HEADER files
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:02:24 GMT
Well, I made myself misunderstood.

Let's clear the point.
Imagine that you have a bunch of directories (part of them reside even on a
remote machines). And if you need to let end users to view their contents
you just add the +Includes option to the Options directive for each such
When an end user requests one of such a directory the Apache produces its
listing formatted by default.
In order to change the default formatting made by the Apache we use the
so-called HEADER and README files which should reside in the directory which
is enabled for indices. In this case the Apache substitutes its default
output in the following manner: it includes these HEADER and README files to
serve as header and footer. Suppose you have 100 such directories (with
+Indexes option enabled) - you should have 100 pairs of the HEADER and
README files in each, and if you want to change the style of the entire site
you should have to change each of these files.

Oh, help me please!!!

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From: "Dmitry Medvedev" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 12:11 PM
Subject: smart management of multiple README and HEADER files

> Good day to all.
> I've got a problem: I've got a great number of directories which are
> accessible from my site (a vhost) with Options including the +Indexes
> directive.
> Each directory, besides normal files and subdirectories, contains the
> HEADER.shtml and README.shtml.
> The problem is: when I need to alter these two particular files I need to
> alter them in all the directories they appear.
> Does anyone know how I can simplify all the thing so that it be at least a
> bit easier to manage.
> Thanks in advance,
>                             Dmitry.
> Developer Express inc. []
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