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From "Steve Leach" <>
Subject Try again with Header Response Query :-0
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 11:24:38 GMT

Sorry to harp on, but I am still trying to determine what I can do to solve this!
Perhaps I need a different forum? Is there any developer that I could ask?

We are using Windows NT4 (we are unable to migrate at present due to application constraints),
and trying to migrate from IIS4 to Apache 2.0.36. We have a system whereby users make requests
and information is returned to them - this can be through http, WAP or PDA's

The sequence is this:

a. We issue a request to the Apache server which calls an existing request.dll file (works
using mod_isapi)
b. The request.dll executes and returns the requested file type which could be a .html or
.wml (or .xml, .gif, .jpg etc) file
c. Apache delivers a complete response header including mime type
d. This precludes the .DLL from returning it's own mime type or any other header value it
may wish to include (cookie: etc).

Now to my mind, this could equally apply to a CGI program (instead of request.dll). Should
Apache be attempting to define a mime type that it has no way of knowing the content of  as
it is delivered by the .dll (or CGI)?

How can Apache interpret something that is delivered without it's direct knowledge - or in
fact is it delivered WITH it's knowledge.

I hope I am explaining this sufficiently? I am perhaps not a programmer by nature - and couch
this in terms of visible response to a query

At the moment the fact that the .dll returns the mime type, and then another mime type is
returned by Apache, breaks our system. We can accomodate the mime type by switching ours off
- but Apache delivers the wrong type as it cannot know what the .dll is returning to the user......or
am I missing the point completely?

Thank you in advance for any information supplied.

Best Regards,
Steve Leach
Network Manager
Mi-Int Limited

Best Regards,
Steve Leach
Network Manager
Mi-Int Limited
Eaglescliffe Logistics Centre
Durham Lane
TEL: 01642 356205

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