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From "Pete Nelson" <>
Subject Re: Apache do not find a module
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 14:11:44 GMT
When you say you 'made' a module, I assume you've compiled it from

If you get a message that a module could not be loaded because it
wasn't found, this often refers not to the actual module itself, but a
library needed by the module.  There are numerous things that can cause
this to happen, from missing libraries that weren't detected at compile
time, to different library paths for different users (if you have a
custom library path, it's very posible that Apache can't see the library
it needs).

To better understand why this is happening, it would be helpful if you
provided more information:
  The OS you're using
  The version of Apache you're using
  Which module you're trying to load.

Pete Nelson, Web Developer

>>> 05/29/02 09:04AM >>>
Hello everybody,

I have made a module. It works well on my computer. I must use the
module on
a new server.
I have installed Apache. When I start Apache , It says that it can not
my module. 
But the path is good and my module is at it right place.
If someone have an idea.



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