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From "Pete Nelson" <>
Subject Re: OT: Win NT and Linux
Date Mon, 20 May 2002 20:10:41 GMT
Here's an idea - may or may not be the best solution.

You need the Access program to talk to an Access database.  No way around it.  So you have
to serve Access from a Windows machine.

What you could possibly do, is to run a web server on your windows machine, along with Apache
on your linux machine.  From the linux machine, set up a reverse proxy to talk to the windows
server.  This gives you more security and better error handling possibilities than just running
it on windows.

Something like:
  ProxyPass /access_db/              http://ntmachine/access_db/
  ProxyPassReverse /access_db/               http://ntmachine/access_db/
and then I usually add something like:
  RedirectMatch 301 /access_db$ /access_db/

  to handle people leaving the '/' off the end.

If you'd like to try reverse proxying, take a look at

Pete Nelson, Web Developer

>>> 05/20/02 03:20PM >>>

I have a little problem i try to get help in another forums, but i can't 
found how to resolve it.

I must design a little system in a linux server, this should be in php.
The system must read a  MS Access DB in a remote server (Win NT). After 
a single process the system must update a MySQL DB in the same server 
(Linux) and the Access DB.

The current code works fine in the Linux server, so i can update the 
MySQL DB, but it doesn't connect with the NT server.

exists any form so i can map, or mount the HD or the folder where the Db 
is stored in the NT  machine??

I hope you can help me

	     Gerardo Morales
Webmaster Comercio Electrónico Worldsites
	Tel. 5525-8332 Fax. 5525-8371

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