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From "Pete Nelson" <>
Subject Re: httpd windows configuration
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 12:59:55 GMT
Your line 

LoadModule php4_module C:\Program Files\Apache

is actually seen as 5 arguments because of the whitespace between
'Program' and 'Files' and 'Apache' and 'Group'.  Throw some quotes
around the thing so Apache knows it's a single argument - 

LoadModule php4_module "C:\Program Files\Apache

Pete Nelson, Web Developer

>>> 05/04/02 03:46PM >>>
I used   -  LoadModule php4_module C:\Program Files\Apache
Group\Apache\php-4.2.0-Win32\experimental\apache2filter.dll. But then
when I  do an Apache -K start I get the following error message: "Load
Module takes two arguments, a module name and the name of a shared
object file to load it from"

Where am I going wrong?

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