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From Vicki Brown <>
Subject Re: new install looking for conf file in wrong place
Date Sun, 19 May 2002 22:47:42 GMT
On Sun, 19 May 2002 08:06:03, "S. Wong" <> wrote:
>Are the modules DSO?  You must have a clearmodulelist line above your
>that is trying to take out the modules.

Excuse, me, what?  Can you clarify?

I ran the build/install for mod_perl, followed by the build/install for
I don't want to remove modules, I want to use them.
I don't understand "DSO", "clearmodulelist", or "AddModules"

And ...   Why does it look in /usr/local/conf for the config file
    the configtest indicates it _knows_ its conf files are in

please Cc: me in any responses; I subscribe to the digest version.
- Vicki

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