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From Anthony Schorer <>
Subject Re: Apache, html, PHP and global variables
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 13:58:10 GMT
I think what you're looking for are called "session variables." I must 
confess to scant knowledge (so far) of PHP, but I'm sure you can find 
plenty of information on google and such.

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Peter wrote:

> I do not know whether this is a question for this list, but if not perhaps
> someone can tell me where to raise it.
> I am designing a web site which has a number of  pages. One of these
> provides the facility for the user to log onto a mysql database.  Other web
> pages allow the user to query and update different tables in the database.
> I used the mysql_pconnect function in the login page and assumed that the
> connection would automatically be available to all other pages in the site
> as hey are invoked, but find that I have to include it in every page that
> access the data base.
> Is there any way of caryying the login information from one web page to the
> next in global variables so that the username and password entered in the
> login screen is available to all other web pages in the site or do I have to
> ask the user to re-enter this information at every screen?
> Regards
> Peter Goggin
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 Anthony Schorer

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