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From Hasanuddin Tamir <>
Subject Re: Directoryindex
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 01:26:04 GMT
On Mon, 13 May 2002, Owen Boyle <> wrote,

> I'm not sure about the "*" as the VH attribute... It kind of defeats the
> purpose of a VH which is to make many different servers - separated by
> IP, port or ServerName. "*" means "all interfaces... but in a
> VirtulaHost, I'd usually use "_default_" for that purpose. I'm not sure
> how "*" will behave.

According to the docs it's a wildcard to match any IP, and it's recommended
to be used with name-based VH. I like this feature. I travel a lot between
two locations of my office so I use DHCP. With *, I don't have to hard-code
the IP address and change the conf everytime I switch network. Not to
mention if I have to do some presentation at the client place and plug my
machine to their network and got new IP.

I once wrote a little script to do the modification for me, but * is the
correct way. Other than that, I prefer NameVirtualHost and <VirtualHost>
with hard-coded IP.

BTW, here is the doc I'm talking about (taken from

    In Apache 1.3.13 and greater you can specify a * for the
    addr. This creates a wildcard NameVirtualHost which will
    match connections to any address that isn't configured with a
    more specific NameVirtualHost directive or <VirtualHost>
    section. This is useful if you want only name-based virtual
    hosts and you don't want to hard-code the server's IP address
    into the configuration file.

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