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From Hans Juergen von Lengerke <>
Subject Re: Using C++ instead of Java servlets with Apache
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 06:15:11 GMT
If your requirements allow this, I would choose a different language
than C++. Perl and C both have very good APIs. Go and get yourself a
copy of "Apache Modules with Perl and C" from O'Reilly (
and decide for yourself which language fits your need better. This book
is exactly what you want if I understand your mail correctly.

Oh, and if you think Perl == CGI == slow, then I can assure you this is
outdated information :-). Check out for more

HTH, Hans

Sharath Muppala <> on May 23, 2002:

> hi,
> I have IBM unix box .. we have windows clients connected to this box for
> image retrival. It has been decided that Clients will talk to Unix box
> through Winhttp APIs and apache server will handle the request on Unix box.
> Problem is in the server side we don't want to use seveltes or java .What we
> want is what ever request that is coming to apache server should be
> forwarded to C++ routine which will handle the rest part for retrival from
> database. Is there is any API or Object model as we have in asp in IIS which
> we can use in C++ to interact with  APACHE to get  and send the response??
> I am littlebit new to apache but i know a lot about IIS server and windows
> part. please help me and give me appropriate direction??
> Any idea in this regard will be appriciated..
> Is there  any ISAPI equivalent in Apache??  OR aything like C++ servlet
> container which can be used in apache??
> sharath

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