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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Apache not being invoked via ServerName, only particular file being invoked
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 10:55:08 GMT
On Wed, 1 May 2002 wrote:

>        The ServerName has been set to, the Port
>        directive has been commented (because I want my users
>        to type simply ServerName not ServerName:Port) and

Note that that's not what the Port directive does. It just tells Apache
what Ports to listen to. Users don't have to do anything different.

>        finally the DirectoryIndex configuration directive
>        has been set to index.wml (not index.html as is on
>        most systems)- because I want Apache to server content
>        only to WAP devices.

With you so far.

>        I checked the Apache access and error logs. There were
>        2 lines in the access logs indicating 2 requests were
>        issued to Apache. In the error logs I got:
>        Invalid URI in request GET HTTP/1.1
>        Apache was unable to serve the content to the
>        Nokia WAP Toolkit or Nokia WAP Toolkit was unable
>        to process the content that Apache served.

Looks to me that the request itself was invalid. In fact that is exactly
what Apache is telling you. Apparently the toolkit is making an invalid
request. In particular, it is making the request "GET", rather than
making a request "GET /". See the difference.

>        But when I type then
>        Nokia WAP Toolkit is loading and displaying
>        the WML file fine!!

Yeah. Looks like the toolkitis not very smart, and requires that you
actually have the entire valid URL including slash.

>        Kindly note that the problem of Apache not
>        being invoked directly by the servername, but
>        via a particular file IS NOT occurring in a
>        real Nokia WAP phone. The problem is happening
>        only in the Nokia WAP Toolkit.

Yeah. Sounds like a bug in the toolkit. Yell at them.

>        I would like to know what this error message means
>        so that I can proceed further and tackle it.

It means that an invalid request was sent to the server, and the server
did not know what to do with it. The correct syntax for a GET request is
"GET $url" where $url is the url being requested. The toolkit appears to
be sending "", an empty string, and so Apache does not know what to send
you. On the request that worked, you will see that the request issued
was "GET /". See the difference?

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