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From Joe Kmoch <>
Subject aliases
Date Sat, 18 May 2002 18:56:51 GMT
We have a site for which I've defined a bunch of aliases like this:

Alias /alumni  "/var/apache/htdocs/alumni/"
Alias /alumni/ "/var/apache/htdocs/alumni/"

These work fine with the assumption that the main file is called index.htm
in the alumni subdirectory.

We are working on a revised site and would like to have a similar set of
aliases work for that revised site.  The site is defined as a Virtual site
using port 8080.  I'd like to have these same aliases work on the revise
site when someone is accessing that site on port 8080.  I can understand
that since the alias points to the original site's document root, that it
will come up with that site's version of, for example, alumni.

How can I set up a set of aliases for each of these two sites?

I just tried restating the aliases like this:

Alias /alumni   "/home/kmoch/whs-site/httpdocs/alumni/"
Alias /alumni/  "/home/kmoch/whs-site/httpdocs/alumni/"

These work except that they provide a directory of alumni.  This is
because there is no index.htm, but instead in the new site we have named
it alumni.htm.  When you click on alumni.htm, you get to that page.
However, when I change the aliases to:

Alias /alumni   "/home/kmoch/whs-site/httpdocs/alumni/alumni.htm"
Alias /alumni/  "/home/kmoch/whs-site/httpdocs/alumni/alumni.htm"

it can't find the page.  Can you help me understand why this is the case?
(By the way, I have two similar aliases because I have never been able to
get the rewrite rules to work for me).

Thanks for your time.

Joe Kmoch Washington High
School Director, Academy of Information Technology   2525 N. Sherman Blvd                                 Milwaukee, WI  53210
(414) 875-5982 (desk)                         (414) 875-5900 (school)
(414) 875-5980 (academy)                      (414) 875-5915 (fax)

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