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From Luke Bakken <>
Subject Apache + Win32 + localhost = slow
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 15:26:33 GMT
Hi all,

I'm writing this after doing a lot of testing and searching of archives to
no avail.

What I'm experiencing is something similar to the problem reported in
Microsoft's Article Q294769 in which MS says localhost lookups are slow,
but using the server name is OK.  Even when I access my local machine with
my servername, the transfer starts out fast, but declines over time.

I also saw a thread on usenet which prompted me to upgrade from NT to
2000. However, performance improvements didn't seem that great.

I notice this problem with Opera, Lynx, IE and Mozilla. I also have
noticed a problem in which the browser "freezes" a second before actually
showing status of the page load. I have all of the appropriate IP
addresses in my hosts file. In Lynx I can see that the transfer process
starts out fast and gradually gets slower. This seems to be the crux if
the problem.

What I have also found is that this doesn't seem limited to localhost
machines.  For instance, I've got a fresh install of NT4 Sp6 on a 1.8GHz
Dell and Apache 2.0.36.  My website conatins several text files that are
over 1MB in size, so I use those to test the transfer speed.  From a
remote machine running Lynx, I can access one of those pages.  I notice
that the transfer starts out at over 100KB/sec, but by the time the page
eventually finishes downloading, it's at about 30KB/sec.  This is over a
100mbit switched network.

In order to see if this is strictly an Apache problem, I also installed
the Xitami web server on the Dell.  Not suprisingly, I still see the same
problem - the transfer starts out fast, but declines in speed, both from
localhost or from a remote machine.

Is it time to start serving these pages from a UNIX machine?!?!!?!?

Thanks in advance!
Luke Bakken

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