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Subject Re: apache question...
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 21:44:04 GMT

I dont think Apache can be setup as a FTP server. But it be setup as a DAV
server. A DAV server can serve a similar funtion as FTP.

for more info on DAV please visit

or for setting up Apache as a DAV server with authentication, please visit

In Peace,
Saqib Ali

                    .net"                  To:     <>        
                    <bedouglas@eart        cc:                                        
          >             Subject:     apache question...            
                    02:25 PM                                                             
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                    to users                                                             


Not sure if this is the corerct spot... but here goes!! In looking through
the apache docs, as well as other sites on the internet, it appears that
apache can be used as an FTP server. However, I'm unable to see how to do
this. There doesn't appear to be any way to configure apache to behave as a
FTP server. So, my question is... Can Apache be used as a FTP server???

If it can't be used as an FTP server, does anyone have any good suggestions
for an open source (source code)FTP server for windows (preferably c/c++).

Thanks in advance...

Bruce Douglas

There is some urgency to this issue!!!! thanks!

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