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From "Helderdp" <>
Subject Apache MOD_SSL doesn't start
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 00:01:15 GMT
Hi all, 

I have a problem wich runs me crazy .... 
If I start apache as normal server (apachectl start) it runs fine ... no problem
BUT if I start apache as ssl (apachectl startssl) it asks me my key, says httpd running and
immediately days.
I've setted Errorlevel debug in the conf files, but it doesn't shows me any errors, except
the following : 

[Tue May 14 01:00:22 2002] [info] mod_unique_id: using ip addr
[Tue May 14 01:00:23 2002] [crit] (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to
port 80

If i start apache as normal server I don't get this error....

I compiled apache 1.3.24 with mod_ssl support.
Then I compiled PHP 4.1.2 as DSO with APXS, I also compiled MOD_PERL with APXS and MOD_GZIP
with APXS

Anyone a clue or a fix ..... ?

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