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From "Alex" <>
Subject RE: "Look back" functionality in Windows for Csaba Gabor
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 16:32:12 GMT
It seems you have 4.2 and 2,035 working on win so maybe you can help me with
this problem.

I have installed PHP 4.2 on my win machine apparently without error, as I
now get no error messages.  However if from my DOS prompt I do a PHP <Enter>
The cursor just hangs there. If I using my web browse try to open my
"hello.php" file. I get the code not the message. So obviously there is
something wrong.

Any ideas as to how I can better diagnose and/or correct the problem

C.Alex Morales BBA,MBA
Senior Consultant Peoplesoft/Siebel

-----Original Message-----
From: Csaba Gabor []
Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 9:56 AM
Subject: "Look back" functionality in Windows


    I have read the article at by
Chris Beasley about a
so called 'Look back' functionality that is evidently available for Apache
on Linux and certain
flavors of Unix.  According to my understanding, it works as follows:  If
apache receives a
request for where
dir1/ (and
dir1/myProg.php) exists, but not dir1/the/ then Apache evidently backtracks
up the nonexistant
directory tree until it gets to something that does exist and calls that.
So in this case
dir1/myProg.php would get called with $PATH_INFO evidently containing

    I have Apache 2.0.35, PHP 4.2.0 as a module on a Win2K machine (Sob),
and it doesn't work (I
get a 404 error - page not found).  In addition, I wasn't able to find
mention of this under the
words that I searched for anywhere else on the web.  Is there documentation
about this 'feature'
(and what is its proper name?) and a way to turn it on in windows?
    Also, I would like to go a step further, and have myProg.php rather be
index.php and not
even mention it the mix.  That is, I would expect index.php to pick up the
request when the
server is called with

    Thanks for any tips,

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